About Havoc MMA

In 2015 we found an opening for MMA in Kodiak, Alaska and decided to start up our company.  Our goal; to give fighters a platform to display their skill sets and build their reputation in the Mixed Martial Arts community.   If you are an interested competitor click the FIGHTER APPLICATION link for more information on how to sign up for one of our upcoming events. 


  • Grow the community of competitors and bring them recognition in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and Grappling tournaments.  
  • Build competitive divisions that can compete with athletes at the top level of the sport.
  • Endorse a Culture of self awareness and competition through martial arts.  We hope to shine light on the positive influence martial arts can have and erase some of the stigma that is attached to the sport.
  • Revolutionize the way that grappling tournaments are run.  We don't endorse or agree with the idea that competitors should pay into a tournament where their wins/loses are not recorded and their only compensation for winning is a medal or trophy.  Our prime objective is to build the community of martial arts and with that to pay back those who help us to grow.  We intend to help build our competitors combat resumes and reward those who train hard and fight to win.